The Catlin Canal Company

I was chosen to accomplish my internship at Catlin Canal Company in Rocky Ford, Colorado. So far, my intership has been amazing and very eye opening. I have learned many new things relating to water and office work. The Catlin Canal Company consists of three main employees: Greg, Casee, and George. Greg and Casee focus more on working on the actual canal, itself. While, George takes care of the legal and office work of the company. For my internship, I am working alongside George Hanzas. George took over the office after Mr. Wayne Whittaker passed away in 2014. He also plays a role in the functioning of the Rocky Ford Elks Lodge.

Organization is my main task at the office. I am in charge of organizing water certificates and other documents. I take care of incoming mail while also sending out documents. I also deposit checks at the bank. There are some days, when all I do is pay attention and assist George in the office. These are the days when work is slow for the company. The past few days, I have been learning about the history of the company. I have been reading old record books which date all the way to 1873.

My goals in the following areas of communication, leadership, and professional network expansion are as follows. In the communication area, my goal is to talk to at least 2 new people whenever I get the opportunity. In leadership, my goal is to accomplish different tasks without being asked to. And finally in professional network expansion, my goal is to create new relationships with businesses and entrepreneurs in my community.

This is George Hanzas and I at the Catlin Canal Company office. George is in charge of the office work of the company. I have been assisting him at the office.
This is George Hanzas and I standing at the Catlin Canal Company office in Rocky Ford Colorado. George took over the job in 2014. I have been assisting him with office work while also learning about the company and its history.
This is my work desk at the office. I do most of my work here.
This is my desk at the office. As you can see, an office can get very messy.

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