Thats a wrap

Now that I have finished my internship I don’t want to go back to school. I really enjoyed this summer. Having a purpose to get up early in the morning and having something to look forward during the day was an amazing feeling. I loved how welcoming every work place was. They were so grateful to have some sort of help. I am so sad that I won’t be seeing any new faces. However, I’m so excited to take all the things I’ve learned about working and keep them in my brain until they are needed. I have always lived in a small community and I think I will continue to when I have my own children, so I think these useful lessons they have taught me will come in handy in the future. 

Throughout the internship I learned a lot about the work place but I also learned a lot about myself. I learned that I love children and I love older folks. I learned that I do not enjoy sitting down and working at a desk. I had a pretty good idea of that career field I wanted to go into but this internship has solidified my idea of service work in the medical field. I had a couple struggles throughout my experience but my main challenge was figuring out what to do after I finished one job. I was also very hesitant to talk to customers in person or on the phone out of fear that I wouldn’t know the answer to their questions. 

I came into this internship with a few goals I wanted to achieve. I think I could say I’ve learned a lot more than just a few lessons. For my communication goal I wanted to be able to carry on a conversation with an adult without being afraid. I talked to so many people about so many different things during this summer. I feel like I could go to any of those places and just talk with my “mentor” for hours. My networking goal was to get to know all of my bosses on a first name basis and be able to call on them or any type of advice. I feel like I exceeded this goal. I think if I needed a reference letter or just someone to talk to about a situation I could go to any of them and they would treat me like family. For my leadership goal I wanted to be able to lead confidently and not back down on my ideas. I had a lot of ideas about different things throughout the internship and they would either get used or not and I didnt mind because I was confident in my idea. I loved every moment of this internship and I am so happy that I did it. I loved every single place I went to and every person I worked with. 

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