Taos & its Commonwealth

Taos has a little bit of everything to its local ran restraint’s or even the art shop’s etc, but what I see for the basic assets are the lands & mountain’s these thing’s feed us, if it’s the late snow fall malting away to give us clean mountain water or for feeding the crop’s or stock, We see things as if they will always be there working they can but only if we keep up with the community & commonwealth, I see things getting good so far as a community but work can be done, are growth in growing is exploding I see people buying out soil seed’s plants, once we hit the time to plant the next summer crop it will be a site to see, Taos has a little more people each year working the land’s witch I notice, Work for the people of Taos looks like it might get good for once more or less it was not bad just no jobs on till things in town got going but it’s local ran so the people just had to get to it, in the past twenty years of me living here you see more open” your mind set can breathe make possibility’s, So Far I see that we can change as a community to better the lands & are self’s, The Commonwealth is growing of course but at the paste it’s at we might see a different outcome if we don’t fix what we got.

Down Town Plaza Gellery shop

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