Summary of My Experience

internshipinternshipI have learned so much from this internship and I will most definitely be using all of it in the future. The places I have had the pleasure to work with throughout this internship consist of the day care, summer lunch program, the golf course, summer reading program, extension office, meals on wheels, and the hospital. The main thing I had success with was learning that even though most of these jobs are very challenging and take a lot of hard work you can still have fun! Every place I worked we had gotten a lot of work done but we also made it fun while doing it. It wasn’t just work, work, and more work like most people think it would be. Honestly I was also one of those people before I started interning. Overall I did not have many challenges. The only challenge I can think of for the summer was communication. Sometimes things were not communicated as clearly as they could have been so there was a lot of times we would have to stop and start over. That eventually became less of a challenge because the workers and I had both learned to better communicate. Thanks to all the businesses I have worked with I now know I am prepared for any job in the future. This internship has taught me how to be a better employee and person to work with. I had such an amazing time working with my supervisor and community members. I went into this not knowing very many people from our community and came out knowing what great people they are. All of them are very hard workers and need to be told more often how important they are. Through this internship I met a lot of people who do volunteer work around town for no other reason but they like doing. Almost all of them told me something around the lines of it just makes them happy to give back to their community. Since I’ve worked with some of these people I have started thinking about doing more community service because we do need more people like that in this community. I have had nothing but a great time working with all these different people and places and I look forward to meeting up with them again. I have learned many things that I can put towards school, jobs, and my life in general.

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