Summary of Experience and Outcomes

“Learning without reflection is a waste. Reflection without learning is dangerous”- Confucius

SharePoint sites used by Agrilead

February 14th, 2020. Today is the final day of my internship with Agrilead, Inc through Ogallala Commons. Each day has been full of learning new functions and opportunities throughout using Microsoft 365. A few highlights that happened throughout my internship were learning the functions of Microsoft Teams and exploring all the functions that exponentially increase productivity. In addition to Teams, another highlight was the new learning though process taught to me by Jeff. 

The biggest successes of my internship were the 150+ hours of research and learning over Microsoft Office 365. My knowledge has increased and that information was recorded through Microsoft OneNote. The large outcomes of this internship program are the creation of SharePoint sites and establishing regular use, the training over Microsoft Teams via tutorial videos, creating and using Microsoft 365 Groups, and my development of OneNote Notebooks. Outcomes that were not accomplished include External guests on Agrilead SharePoint sites, company-wide shared contact list, and also a company-wide shared calendar. 

Jeff and I were challenged through the functionality errors with using different electronic devices and different browser platforms. I had issues working through Microsoft 365 with my Apple device and using Safari as my main browser platform. A few different solutions were found through using a different computer remotely and by downloading and utilizing Chrome and Firefox browsers. This internship program was increased in time through my own need of more time. We learned the best time to use Microsoft Teams to communicate and when it was more appropriate to use e-mail and our communication was expanded through the establishment and use of OneNote for record keeping.

My tutorial video recordings

My SHRM student group just returned from our trip to Germany and I returned with four new contacts in the Human Resources industry located in the foreign country, so that leadership goal was also accomplished. My professional network was expanded through my membership at BriefSpace. I had the opportunity to meet with other working professionals in the Hays area that also work remotely in some form. Along with networking at BriefSpace, my professional network grew when I attended the Rural and Remote Summit located in Hays. 

Thank you to everyone involved in this internship program!

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