Summary of Experience and Outcome

As an Ogallala Commons intern and a student pursuing a radiology degree, my observation and all tasks are under direct supervision of registered radiology technologists. As I said in one of my previous blogs, one of the first things I learned when doing this internship was how important patient care and patient confidentiality is. When doing an exam on a patient I was always introduced to the patient as an Ogallala Commons intern student, and then we would ask the patient if it is okay that I observe and assist in the exam.

My daily jobs consisted of entering patient orders so that the Radiology Technician could do the exam. I got to assist in CT, X-Ray, and Ultrasound exams. I would close the exam so the Radiologist could analyze the study. Some of my other duties included answering the phones, calling to schedule patients and ask pre-screening questions for their exams. I helped transport patients, put away sheets, towels, pillows cases, and gowns, as well as set up and clean the room for exams.

I got to see some very interesting studies while doing my internship at the Southeast Colorado Hospital in the Radiology Department. I got to assist in Pain Management Surgeries which was very interesting. I saw quite a few broken bones and I actually got to witness a broken arm being set. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to learn more about the human body and seeing what the inside of the body really looks like through imaging.

Assisting in Pain Management Surgery

I did not know the Radiology Techs had to do IVs before working here. They have to know how to do an IV because some exams are “with contrast.” Contrast can be taken orally or through an IV. IV Contrast is a Radio Opaque injectable substance that is used to enhance vascular diagnostic information. Oral Contrast is also a Radio Opaque substance that is consumed orally and enhances the organs for diagnostic information. I did not like the thought of blood at first, but I got over it and I don’t mind it at all now.

Prepping for IV Contrast

My goal was to get in contact with potential colleges with Radiology programs. I have recently been in contact with professionals in the Radiology field and they have informed me about an online X-Ray program I can take anytime to further advance me in preparation for Radiology school. This is how I expanded my professional network. It has helped me with my leadership skills because I had to take charge in preparation for my future career. I am very thankful for the opportunity that Ogallala Commons has made available to me. This knowledge from this summer internship will help me immensely in my future endeavors.

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