Summary of Experience

My time at Payton Machine has made me grow a lot. I am now an employee over there until they run out of work. I have learned many skills and insightful things about machinery and such. I have cleaned many parts and helped with the alignment of motors and turbines twice as tall as mine. I have learned about shafts, oil reserves, bearings, heat expansion, chemicals, tools, equipment. The first week I worked on a giant metal conveyer with a football field and a half of these white urea beads stacked 30 feet high and cleaning in the under the bottom of this conveyer which is someone turned it on(didn’t even function that’s why we were there) would kill me instantly. In cramped spaces pullings, a huge torque wrench on a set-off six hundred pounds. Usually covered in oil, dirt, and metal shavings working twelve hours a day six days a week I had an interesting experience.

I believe my goals were to communicate with the entire company and to become looked at as an actual member which I did accomplish they’re constantly teaching me new things and including me in conversations. I had another goal of learning everything I can as fast I can. Obviously, I learned a lot ranging from stress points, alignment, torqueing, micing, and so on. My last goal was to expand my professional network. I met a lot of important people who worked with important people and got a real insight into how these trade workplaces actually function.

I never really had any projects during the actual internship recently they gave me projects they have had to help me with. Such as a triple screw pump that locked up cause of the carbon black tar that built up in it. I cleaned the insides the faces, glass blasted the gear screws I think we are close to assembling it again.

My main challenges were awareness and understanding of what was going on. I got bad ADHD I kinda knew this was gonna happen but working this job helped to make me consistently focused and aware. My final outcomes were very successful I made a lot of money and experience in a very short time. Considering what was going on in my life that first week and the weeks to come I was very fortunate to be out of my house working and learning. All in all, this was a great experience and I am very fortunate to work under this company.

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