Summary of Experience

This experience was not just an opportunity I took, but it is one I truly enjoyed. I had the chance to learn from not only my research but from the area I was in also. I learned about the Economic Development position along with the Arts Center position. This internship allowed me to be not only a researcher/surveyor, but it allowed me to be on a personal level with other participants. This experience is one I want to give a big thank you to Ogallala Commons and Network Kansas. I would also like to thank Simone Elder and Mr. Eric Peterson for taking me “under their wing” my seventh-grade year and helping me find a passion for business in the way that they do. This experience has benefitted my career choice as I will now already have some experience before college. When I first began this internship, I started with three initial goals that all tied into one. My overall goal was, to better myself for my community, and for all that I might endeavor in the future. This being said my longterm goal had a range of short-term goals that could be put into it. I specifically chose networking as my main focus. Networking was my primary focus as I wanted not only to connect but build relationships with people. I accomplished this through my surveying process. For example some of the people I sent surveys to, I got friend requests from them on Facebook. Communication was a skill that I wanted to and did get more comfortable with, talking to all people. Continuing with communication and networking, I tried to continue showcasing my talents of leadership by using SMART goals. This was good for me as I learned to be more patient and find something to do while waiting on replies/completed surveys from participants. The last part of my internship was the Art Walk. I got to help Abby plan it, and I got to work it on Saturday, September 8th. There is a lot of work put into big events like this. The Art Walk is a free event for the public. For this to be possible, there has to be support. We offered a free hot dog feed along with live demonstrations and many art stations. The Art Walk gave me the opportunity to engage in conversation with young and old. I can’t thank everyone enough for this opportunity, I much appreciate and will always treasure the experience I earned!

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