To start off, my internship for the LAVWCD was a successful and fun learning experience. I learned about things I never even knew existed and I learned more about things I wasn’t too familiar with. Whether it was Mike or Chase showing me how to do things it was all one big great learning experience.

A main part of my internship was cleaning out flumes and reading staff gauges. On a day to day basis I would go to each pond and make sure they were clean, the flow was right, and then I would read the staff gauge. It took about 2-3 hours everyday so I would always be the last one to get where we needed to go. The tough part about cleaning the flumes was that some days they would barely have any mud and other days they would be filled.

A few other things we did were soil samples, water, samples, purging wells, and installing soil probes. Soil samples were the hardest due to the fact that we had to pound 3 different t posts into the ground at 9 different sites in one field, and there was 5 fields. Water samples and purging wells were easy but we had to drive literally everywhere to do them. At last installing soil probes were pretty difficult too but they didn’t last as long.

At last I feel like I accomplished my 3 goals. My first goal was to be more open and not shy and I feel like accomplished that pretty easy. My second goal was to be a better leader and I accomplished that by stepping up when things needed to get done. The last goal was about professional network expansion and that was accomplished by introducing and meeting new people and by having a great internship for a successful company.

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