Striking Commonwealth Assets in the Community

A commonwealth mapping exercise is a helpful tool to highlight the obvious assets in the community but it can also help uncover the less obvious assets. In performing the mapping exercise, I discovered some less obvious sources of education other than the obvious, a school. I have to say that the local library and museum are not just a great place to learn about the history of the community but have much to contribute to the education asset. For example the local public library offers monthly educational workshops from different organizations, groups and people in the community. It is very educational and provides information that might not have otherwise gotten around. It is very interactive, which is engaging to many learning styles. The museum, besides offering historical artifacts and literature, is opened by volunteers that have great knowledge of the history of the area. They are people that are always willing to educate about the past, present and about their experiences. Through the local museum, community leaders take the time to share educational workshops about interesting topics, once a week, which is also a good learning experience. The local water district also offers community wide workshops in conservation, water wise gardening, and drought tolerant plants. It is important that we take part in these and other types of educational outreaches, not only does it educate us but it also encourages the continuation of these types of programs and also encourages the people that put the forth effort to organize these events. So next time you learn of a community program from your local museum, library, or other community organization I would encourage you to attend and take part in the learning possibilities.

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