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Social MEdia Community Service – Erika Cox

With an internship in social media management, my community service is to put together a website that served as a hub for all the locally grown food resources – veggies, fruits, eggs, honey, milk, meat – everything that’s grown and produced locally in the tri-county area from Silver City, NM. It will be a resource that’s very valuable to the community and visitors to the area alike, and I know this is information that people want to know now by the hits the temporary site has been getting since I’ve started putting it together.

Gila-MonsterWelcome to Gila Home Grown. Complete with adorable Gila Monster mascot.

The best part of this is knowing the finished product is going to be fabulous. (Yay, Virgo-Perfectionist nature.)  However, the most challenging aspect is getting farmers to get back in touch with me. Which the irony is ultimately this could help their business, but I am pretty sure they are busy picking the perfect produce to bring to the farmers market. (Judging how much time my own garden demands, I think there’s some plausibility to that theory.)

The other thing I know is they are more people in the area who grow and produce food that I haven’t met at the Silver City Farmers’ Market, but who are in the tri-county area and participate in the farmers’ market in Mimbres. Once the facebook page is set up and launched, I think the word will spread faster and I will have more to list on the Local Growers. I will be rolling out the content on facebook and new blog posts shortly, once it’s all launched.

First blog post will be “What is a Foodshed?” because no one out here had a clue what I was talking about. I was told directions to the food pantry about four different times, and recieved puzzled looks from the rest.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 11.16.30 AM
And on the side I threw in a Facebook 101 workshop for the local Ford dealership, and will be doing the same thing at the Toyota dealership next Saturday. They’re always giving back to the community (and I write their newsletter) so I gave them a lesson on how to make their Facebook page active and engaged and hopefully bring in more customers.

I learned a lot of information I knew but wasn’t really aware of how big of an impact it had. Like how a photo with zero likes, comments, or shares goes nowhere, but even if only the six people working sales like a photo it can reach up to 300 people thanks to facebook’s new algorithm. Crazy stuff. We also bounced around ideas on how to get engagement, different types of open-ended questions, and really emphasized how everyone in this company needs to be engaging on the page as often as possible.