Smalls Acts, Big Difference: My Community Service Experience

As of right now, I have only completed half of my community service. The other half of my community service will be completed within the next few weeks as the organization needs me.


So far, half of my community service hours have been dedicated to serving as a volunteer in the nursery at Impact Christian church, a local church in our community. This volunteer experience has definitely enriched my sense of community. I’ve been able to connect with new members of the community and even those that I recognize as customers at the Farmers Market. Not only has this experience made me realize the gratitude that the parents have for nursery helpers, but the church leaders as well. The children’s coordinator told me, “Every minute you volunteer your time positively impacts our youth, our parents, and ultimately our church.” I makes me feel good to know that, even though it’s a small act of help, I am truly making a difference in our community for the better.


For the rest of my community service, I am going to volunteer at the Harvest Center in our community. The Harvest Center is a large green house garden that donates all of its produce to the food bank in our community. Their mission is to “educate people of all ages in nutrition, health, and organic agricultural arts,” and they hope to “serve as a model for other communities learning to live in greater harmony with nature.” I have been in contact with the coordinator of the non-profit corporation and I am so incredibly excited to immerse myself in this service. I am very passionate about nature, nutrition, and helping others. Through this volunteer opportunity, I believe I will gain a piece of each of these to give back to the community.


In the past, I have volunteered with several organizations, but this summer I’m seeing my volunteer work through a new perspective. By the end of the summer, I will have gained valuable community connections, given a helping hand to local organizations, and gained appreciation for giving back to a place I have called my hometown for 16 years.


Link to Impact Christian Church:


Link to The Harvest Center:


Teaching little kids a bit about nutrition with the fake play food. 🙂


Harvest Center

The Harvest Center, where I will volunteer with the rest of my community service hours.






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