Shayna Day

I have lived in many places in my short life so far, but I consider Texas home now. I am recently married and loving the life my husband and I are trying to build for ourselves by moving closer to family and away from bigger cities. I enjoy kayaking and DIY projects (they don’t always go the way I planned but it’s still fun), and crafting of any kind is always something I get excited for.

My career goals are parallel to my general life goals. I want a family one day and being able to have a career I enjoy that also provides room for a life outside of work is a major benefit. I started my internship at the bank this week and I am loving it so far. I have been learning how to do proof, open new accounts, how to print and designate a new card for someone, and more about what needs to be done when cashing or depositing checks.

My goal in communication is to feel more comfortable speaking in front of people by myself without feeling so nervous and dreading every second of it. My goal in leadership is to gain more confidence in my ability to do this job and do it well enough that if I ever needed to I could teach someone else. Working at the bank I get to see and speak with many people in the community and develop professional relationships with them which is great to expand my professional network. Also, they are just great people to talk to and get to know.

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