Service to the Community

This summer for my community service hours I did a few different things. The main four I would like to focus on where the last four things I did.  The first one was volunteering at the library to help out with the summer reading program for the kids in the community. The main thing I was helping with was the snack time for the kids. Then I also helped with an activity that was a little bit smelly. Okay by smelly I mean the kids got to test out their sense of smell and had to smell different types of spices from the kitchen and guess what each one is. The second thing I helped with this summer was the Food Shack during our fair. Now this is something I have helped with every fair for the past three years. It is always a fun time because you get to work with friends and then you just get to see so many of the faces that our fair attracts. Also it’s nice because sometimes a face you have not seen in awhile pops up and its a nice little catch up spot. Another thing I did was help out with the AIM 5k/10k. This was fun besides that fact that I had to be up at 6:30 in the morning. A lot of people came to partake in this event. An awesome thing happened before the race started. There was a moment of silence for a man brother and they had given everyone balloons to release before the start of the race. It was a nice moment. Another thing I did for fair was the duck races. I had done this last year as well. This year was interesting though because the duck races were not making it easy for us. Needless to say the ducks stopped racing. I’m glad I did all of this, this summer it was fun and great to get to see everyone and help out the community. 13882319_1058780694200329_7318250223407642307_n 13886425_1058778097533922_5276454200839424228_n

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