Semira Brookins

I am SemiraAli Brookins, a senior at Tulia High School. This is my second year doing an internship with Ogallala Commons. I’ve also competed in their Entrepreneurship fairs and E-Club. I am interested in anything business or speech related and have been taking on multiple school events with these aspects such as Congress, Entrepreneurship, BPA, and Impromptu speaking.

This year I am working with Van Pelt Real Estate, Mid Tule Village, Tulia Child Development, Swisher County News, Swisher Electric, the City of Tulia, and Swisher County Courthouse. A goal that I have for communication is to be more verbal. Although I compete in many speech-related events I struggle a lot with sharing my opinions and suggestions even in times when it’s appropriate or needed. Being more verbal will also help exceed in leadership where this is a very important skill to have.

But my main personal goal in leadership is to Learn my limits. I tend to take on a lot of tasks and activities to where I feel like I am not reaching my full potential. I hope to limit myself in a way where I know I will be able to produce my full potential in everything that I do.

Another goal that I have for leadership community-wise is to recognize more opportunities in my community and share them with others. To expand my professional network I am making sure to ask questions about things that interest me in the jobs I am experiencing. I am also building relationships with the people that I work with, and gaining knowledge in the career fields I am interested in, and hoping to take on.

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