Sadly it must come to an end.

Doing this internship was a really great experience it was a new thing so it was hard to get started and knowing what to do. my 3 goals were 5,000 dollars to secure for next year production, get as many kids as we can involve into the productions for next year, and give our cast a fun experience because they deserve. my first wasn’t met and that was hard but it was okay because while doing the fundraising I got to let people know about the show and that this will be going on next year too. my 3rd goal was very well done the cast was so happy and excited when they did their first show and that just made me so happy to know that they were able to have this chance and I’m hoping next years will be awesome for them. they are all really talented in that town and I was so happy to be a part of that.

Getting to know my coworkers were great and they were all really nice Tabor another intern and his family really helped they are all artistic people and I got to see their art in this program. I got to work with sky who is an amazing person and dance choreographer Abby was my rock letting me learn from her was great her tricks in making some props I will keep forever. jade who helped me with fundraising showed me all the assume people in Goodland. Learning how Bonnie works as a Director was a good an experience to see. Getting to meet all those kids was the best part and having the costumes that Sofia worked was even cuter to see.

I know that this internship really helped me to know that this is what I want to do in my career choice and I’m really thankful for that. I know how much hard work will need to be put into my job as a theater teacher. seeing the kids of our future happy and ready to express feeling was a great thing to see in Goodland they all achieved so much and I’m proud of them for that. seeing all the show in northwest Kansas was great and knowing that it will still be going on and still building will be great and I really want to see what they do for the years come. this has so much to give to the kids in Kansas and I’m so happy I was part of it

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