Rebecca Beltran

My name is Rebecca Beltran and I am from Hereford, Texas. I enjoy writing, reading, and singing. I am a former worship member at my church and love to read. My two favorite things to do are to sing worship and learn about the human body. I am passionate about people and doing all I can to make a difference in the lives of others through good character, care, and ministry. I love God and intend to serve Him in every aspect of my life including my future career. I aspire to be a General Surgeon after graduating from medical school. I am currently an undergraduate Biochemistry student at West Texas A&M University and wish to continue my education at Baylor College of Medicine. After becoming a surgeon, I would like to work for CURE in order to help children with their debilities and to help them become strong. I want to work for CURE to contribute as much as I can to help children with deformities who have no hope in a future. As for now, I am in the process of starting a CURE chapter at my current university. It is my goal to provide a hope to children around the world who are unaware of a treasurable life. I aspire to be a medical professional who strives relentlessly to provide healing for those in need. An internship with Ogallala Commons will give me knowledge about my aspiring career, how to maintain professionalism, and allow me to work alongside patients and physicians.

Meet Robert from Zambia, a kid whose surgeries have been provided by CURE. My passion lies within that smile.

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