Program Evaluations Shed Light on Alums

Shelby Thibodeaux, another intern alumnus, has returned to help Ogallala Commons, with a new project that she outlines in her latest update:

“I am currently working on my second internship with Ogallala Commons and the main focus of my internship is conducting the first Community Internship and Apprenticeship program evaluation. The objective is to reconnect with the past interns and apprentices that were a part of OC’s program, to gauge how well they achieved their objectives, to find out what they are doing now and if they have come back to their hometown or region.

There have been over 200 interns and apprentices who have gained work experience and skill development through our program from 2007-2014, and we aim to reach more than half of them. We are reaching out through email and phone calls to ask interns and apprentices to fill out a simple online survey.  So far, more than 60 alums have completed the survey, which is over half way to our goal. If you are an OC Community Intern or Apprentice alumnus, please take 10 minutes to fill out the survey that you have received by May 15th”.

2011 community interns
2011 Community Interns pose at the Home Merc in Nazareth, TX

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