Positive outcomes and lessons learned from Orientation Retreat and Positive Impacts gained.

Positive outcomes and lessons learned from Ogallala Commons orientation retreat event and the positive impacts gained from activities.
I had a great experience at my first Ogallala Commons orientation retreat. From the drive down to Texas and the drive back to South Dakota i was able to see many new places, meet many new people and make good connections.
A definite highlight of the trip was our visit to Cap Rock Canyon state park, while here we did a reflection hike and a brainstorming excercise to set the framework for our cohort. I enjoyed getting to hear from Paul, Daryl and the rest of the interns and staff as they led us in our discussion. I was blown away by the natural beauty and the history of the park. I was able to capture my first picture of a road runner!
The visit to Daryl’s home was amazing. I have never seen anything like it and the food was great.
At the orientation I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the Ogallala Commons and see the impact being made first hand by alumni and current interns and apprentices. To hear from and feel the passion for the work being done was very uplifting and inspirational. I was able to learn about the history of Ogallala Commons

The morning we left Texas.
Road Runner came to see us!
Dave Jr touring the garden beds

, and make a deeper connection to the vision and mission of the organization. The blog writing and harvesting ceremony workshops were well done and very informative. The food and hospitality were top notch. I am very excited and optimistic about the possibilities of the youth engagement day event and look forward to hosting one in our community.
I am very blessed to be apart of the Ogallala Commons, Lakota learning cohort as an intern coordinator and a father of an intern. `
Mitatkuye Oyasin
“We are all Related”

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