Application for Community Internship & Apprentice

Personal Information
Health Insurance Information
Emergency Contact Information
Education Information
Skills Inventory Unfamiliar = No experienc
Observed = Some experiece
Practiced = Able to perform skill at high level
Unfamiliar Observed Practiced
Other Information
If none, type N/A
If none, type N/A
Additional Requirements

If you are selected for an Ogallala Commons Community Internship or Apprenticeship, in addition to the hours you spend on your project work (for which you will be paid an hourly stipend), you must also meet the following requirements (non-stipend time):

  • Execute a Work Plan
  • Attend an Orientation in Dumas, Texas June 5-6, 2018
  • Create and publish 5 Internet blog postings with 10 photos during internship period
  • Conduct an “Commonwealth Mapping” exercise
  • Do 10 hours of Community Service during internship period
  • Prepare Internship Portfolio (via PowerPoint) and present it during a Harvesting Ceremony
  • Prepare an Evaluation of the internship, as well as receive an evaluation from supervisor
(250 - 300 word max)