PMC Internship Experience (Fin)

There were several projects planned out that I was supposed to be involved in through PMC this summer; such as the health clinic fair, the disaster relief drill, and the acute patient care. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend them due to summer classes. Challenges that arose were due to limited time I had this summer. I continued my college education throughout the summer, taking Chem I and II, and worked for West Texas A&M University as well. Therefore, my schedule was quite hectic! Fortunately, PMC was more than understanding and helped me achieve my goal of interning the 230 hours this summer according to my school and Resident Assistant schedule!

Throughout the summer I was blessed to have been given the opportunity to intern behind the nursing staff and PA’s at Parmer Medical Center in Friona, Texas. I enjoyed the opportunity to work behind a wonderful nursing staff, awesome PAs, and great CNAs.

(Some of the staff of PMC)

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Success, on the other hand, was found every day at PMC! I deem this so due to the fact that every shift I learned, saw, or experienced something new in the medical field. I was able to work with a wide range of patients with a variety of symptoms. I was successful in learning so much about the medical field especially in the emergency room. For example, just ten minutes ago I got to play the role of a dentist; now I know I don’t ever want to do it but it was fun! I also learned how being bilingual is a bonus in the medical field in terms of having the attributes to be successful. Lastly, I’ve learned that it is a gentle heart, a humble spirit, and a loving demeanor that is necessary not simply for success but for a lifetime of fulfillment in this field. I can’t wait to come back next summer!

Working with my supervisor, Devin Carpenter, was a joy. Although Devin was often busy, I was able to see how to properly treat patients, what being in love with your field looked like, and the standards one should hold his fellow health community to. Devin always did his best to help me be successful and was understanding of the times I could not be at PMC due to school, yet he trusted me to be able to stick to the contract. I hope I didn’t let him down! Also, working with my community of fellow health professionals, I saw how many of them loved the patients that came in and out of this facility. It is one thing to “deal” with someone and it is another distinct action to treat and care for an individual. I am so proud to have been a part of the community and family that is found at PMC, and I hope that they are proud to have had me be a part of their amazing staff this summer.

Lastly, I would love to thank Ogallala Commons for the blessing they bestowed upon me this summer. It has been an honor to be able to have been given this opportunity to intern in a place I call home. I literally could not have done this without OC and I thank each and every one of the staff and advisors that have made this possible. I am grateful for all the calls and emails to check in on me and to see how I was doing. Thank you Darryl Birkenfeld for this amazing opportunity! Thank you Shelby for helping me to keep to the guidelines and thank you all whom have made this year possible for all us interns at Ogallala Commons!

Thank you for everything and God Bless,

Esdras Rodriguez.

Student Aids and I
Student Aids and I

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