Plainview, Texas!

Hey!! I am super excited to tell you about the small town of Plainview, Texas that I have got to know over the past year and especially this summer! 

Plainview, Texas is located in the panhandle of Texas! This town is so wonderful and brings so much commonwealth to TEXAS!  It holds so many Texas traditions!

To start out- Plainview is home to a lot of hard working people. From famers, to insurance agents, to all the wonderful places Plainview has to offer. This town has really surprised me this summer by how much the community comes together to celebrate and in a tim of need. We attended the Fourth of July Celebration they had for the community and the car show that was in town recently. There is always something to do or see on the weekends!

Just to tell a little story, I was in the Herbalife store one afternoon and the owner was telling me how he was shutting his doors for the weekend so he could go play in a volleyball tournament for a man that worked at Auto Zone who died not very long ago. Now that story has stuck with me for the past few weeks because I think it is so special that people come together to raise money and remembered loved ones of the town.

Plainview is full of wonderful church goers. I love to attend the HARVEST Church because the people are so welcoming and we love to praise Jesus on Sundays.

I think this community describes loyalty to one another, love, and respect. I have loved living here the past few months and I will probably live here in the future! 

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