Off to a Great Start by Abby Schmucker

This summer, as a community intern in Nazareth Texas I will be able to help with various thing throughout the town, but it will mainly involve work experience in social media, community education, news writing, and community development. I have three main objectives that will make up most of my hours for the summer.
The first is writing, compiling, printing and distributing swift kicks once a week. Swift kicks is our towns mid week news that is published every week on Wednesdays. I am in charge of either writing all the articles or collecting them from others. I have written various articles about topics ranging from sports results to church functions to family reunions. After I have the front and back pages filled with pictures and articles I print the publication, upload the edition to the swift kicks blog, notify readers by email, and schedule three articles to post on the Facebook page. I distribute the pages in various places across town including the church and post office.
My second main objective that I will be working on involves researching the community development of the Nazareth community. I will be writing ten short articles about the housing starts and economic impact since 2006, the young adults who have come back to the community, and the economic changes that could possibly come in the future.
The third objective involves work on the holy family pantry garden. I have helped with part of the planting and I will water and weed throughout the summer until the vegetables are ready for harvest.
I have also been able to help out with our communities main fundraiser of the summer, German fest. I helped clean the playa lake classroom that will host guests on the morning of the festival during the playa lake tour.
One other great experience that I have had so far was being able to help with our parish vacation bible school. I was able to help the leaders in many ways including preparing name tags, making signs, and creating a schedule.
Overall, it is going to be a busy summer working with different people and performing multiple tasks. I look forward to the experiences to come and I am thankful for the experiences I have had so far.

Distributing swift kicks
Distributing swift kicks
Cleaning the classroom
Cleaning the classroom

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