Ogallala Commons’ Logo

We’ve shared with you about Ogallala Commons and our namesake, the Ogallala Aquifer.  We wanted to take a chance to explain to you the meaning behind our logo.  OC’s logo is comprised of two circles and two arrows with three different colors.  Each aspect of the logo has a specific meaning.

The circles or rings of the logo signify wholeness and continuity.

The central circle is reddish-brown in color or earth tone, and it represents Ogallala Commons’ commitment to protecting our natual resources. One of the first places to start this work is literally in our own back yards, through an understanding of our impact on the environment.

The outer ring forms a boundry around the central princples. Keep in mind that the circle is a two-dimensional shape of a sphere. The blue color reminds us of the clear sky and life-sustaining water of the the Ogallala Aquifer.

The arrows represents our flow of energy, which change directions at 45 degrees, denoting more focused energy. The arrows seek the center of the ring, then flow back out to the boundries of our vast region.

The green arrow shows the focused energy of nature’s seed as it springs from the earth toward fruition, then to harvest.

The blue arrow represents the rain which falls to the earth and filters back to the outer ring of the High Plains-Ogallala Aquifer. This directed energy also represents the flow of ideas and energy which starts in the communities, flowing toward the center to be reinvigorated, then flowing back out to effect change.

(This description was written by Joe Franco, former OC Board Member, 2006-2012)

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