Kade Wilcox: Working to Empower Rural Communities

Kade Wilcox has been involved with Ogallala Commons for the past two years.  He works as an OC Staff Contractor, and his primary responsibility is Strategic Planning.  He works closely with Darryl to develop a strategy for Ogallala Commons current programs, systems, processes, and tools, as well as thinking through special initiatives for OC for the next 10 years.


Kade is a native of Nazareth, TX, and first became connected with Ogallala Commons when he and one of his best friends visited Darryl to see his garden and rain water harvesting system.  As they spoke with Darryl, they learned about OC and our need for strategic planning.  Kade volunteered to help our organization, and worked with us for a year.  In January, we decided to make him a Staff Contractor.

Kade says that he enjoys his work with Ogallala Commons because of his passion for rural communities.  He has experienced firsthand the value and benefits of growing up in an agriculturally based community.  He believes that the 12 Assets of the Commonwealth are true of every rural community, and that when people realize these assets, it empowers them to continue to dream and work toward all that their community can be both now and in the future.

Another aspect of Ogallala Commons that Kade appreciates and values is our passion to help young people in rural communities learn to view their region in a different light, that they can make their community a home in which they are able to realize and achieve goals and dreams.

Kade’s gifts in Strategic Planning have also been valuable in helping us to create some powerful future goals.  Our organization is currently working on two special initiatives that have the potential to impact the Great Plains region in powerful ways, one involving water and the other revolving around a learning center.  We’re incredibly excited to see the fruit that these could bare for our organization and the regions we reach.

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