OC Completes Successful 2015 Festival Season 

spring-break_94On October 14th, Ogallala Commons finished up its 2015 Playa and River Festival season with a program at OC’s Playa Classroom for 5th graders from Nazareth and Kress schools.  This year’s festivals were a huge hit for both students and teachers with over one thousand kids participating in twelve programs conducted in New Mexico and West Texas. These programs also engage numerous teachers, school administrators, parent volunteers, landowners, and other interested stakeholders. Read more about a Festival this summer that OC conducted at Cochiti Pueblo.

Youth seem to be spending increasingly less time outdoors. Taking some time to understand and explore the natural environment is essential, if we expect future generations to be good stewards of our natural resources.  The subjects of water conservation, a healthy water cycle, and stewarding the Ogallala Aquifer seem to be striking a note with High Plains residents like never before. Ogallala Commons’ Playa Festival Programs have no doubt played a role in the public awareness of these critical issues.  Ogallala Commons’ Playa and River Festivals remain a truly innovative and effective way to educate our youth and adults about the importance of playas and other wetlands for the people and wildlife of the region.  OC wishes to thank the “Share with Wildlife” grant program from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, and for Soil & Water Conservation Districts and Groundwater Management Districts, and schools in Texas who funded the Festivals in 2015.

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