New Year, Same Stuff

Happy Belated New Year to Everyone,

I hoped to get this blog out before the holidays, but I just couldn’t think of a good way to compare and contrast the key assets of commonwealth to my community. This year was a little gloomy because of the obvious quarantine reasons, that being said, it did not stop the Christmas cheer. It did get me talking to some family members about other past Christmas experiences, and just the past in general. Pushing the topic, it dwelt deeper into how people would come together to celebrate and party, but at a cost. Parents would party all day and night. Sometimes forgetting that they have children with them, then passing out drunk right in front of their eyes. Though, the Pueblo is full of spirituality, culture, art, and history. It is being contested by lacking assets. The health system in the Pueblo tries to do their best, mainly in helping the sick and injured, but there isn’t much of a support system for those suffering trauma and alcoholism. The education system faces new problems every year from both students and parents, but the school takes no time to help their students. This causes a chain of unmotivated and angry youth, which usually leads to poor life choices and addiction. Which then causes a rise in recreation and leisure, but a lack of interest in the culture and history of our people. This also affect the sense of place for an indigenous individual. It feels as though it has been that way for years, maybe it has, but that has to change. Hopefully with the coming new year we can find more grounded solutions. Maybe with the internship I may be able to take notes and think of something, but I don’t know. Anyway, sorry for the long and serious blog, it has been a troublesome year. I hope everyone has a good and healthy new year.


Aidan S.

Not all bad. Adopted a new little friend.
Sitting in the new office. (still smell like paint)

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