my summer experiences

Fair Photos 

 Fair Photos2My goal for this summer was to be able to say that I am a people person. Before my internship, I was always too nervous to really talk to anyone unless they talked to me. But, by being able to be out in the community everyday, it really helped me to come out of my comfort zone and talk to almost everyone I see. I worked on a lot of different things this summer, so I couldn’t tell you I had a favorite. One of the things that I really enjoyed doing was the movie money. Every Monday I’d get the bags from the bank and come back and count all the money out and make sure everything was right. It was difficult at first, but after I had been doing it for awhile, it got easier and I began to like it. I also liked being able to run errands around town. Like walking to the post office, bank, and many other businesses, this was fun because I got to talk to community members. Another thing I really liked doing this summer was getting ready for fair, and a farmers market. I got to paint one of our fair booths, and decorate the other. Rachael and I also painted a farmers market sign, which was pretty fun also. One thing we do at the Community Development office is make welcome bags for the new community members. I had to make a lot of those this summer, which is very exciting. I also just got done making a brochure of all the things you can do here in Tribune that I had started at the beginning of the summer. One of the hardest things about my job was learning some new things on the computer. Like making Greeley County Bucks, entering them into the computer, and making sure I had everything right. It was frustrating when I’d get almost done and have to go back and redo something because I either forgot, or didn’t do it right. Another difficult thing was on the days when it was only Christy and I, and I had to be in the office by myself while she took her lunch, or went to run some other errands. I was so nervous when people came in and she wasn’t here, but after awhile it got easier, and I knew how to get them what they needed. It was really fun working with Christy and Rachael this summer. At first, I was quiet and didn’t really talk very much, but after I got comfortable with them we talked all the time. They are both easy to work for, and I’m glad I could experience my first job with them. By having this internship, I achieved my goal, and now know everything it takes to keep our community together, and why it’s so easy to call it home.


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