My Road So Far

All through my life I’ve wanted to be somebody, I wanted to be someone that people came to for help, I was always curious and I could find passion in anything. This is my biggest problem now because as a high school graduate I have no idea what to decide on and dive head first into, I played violin and sang as a mariachi, I wrestled for two years, I love to cook, sing, write, work, draw, like I said I could find passion in anything and I could write a paper on any of those subjects alone. However I noticed that throughout everything I do I have a desire to help those around me do better, I’ve been section leader, soccer and wrestling captain, first chair, shift manager, but no matter where I was placed I tried to do my best and I always showed others exactly what I did to get where I was. I often think about what to do with my life, and how I could do something I love and have it help others, then I think about my family that has always been there supporting me down every crazy path I’ve walked, and I realized that ultimately whatever I do with my life I want to be able to support those who’ve helped me. That is why I have decided to pursue a life dedicated to making the future exciting, I want to inspire others to want to make their world better, I envision a world that uses clean energy, a world where everyone has fresh produce, and a world where people are excited about the future, and I see Oglala Sioux as ground zero for my vision, a blank canvas with infinite potential. I’m Martin Lujan and I want to be excited about the future, I want to give others hope, and I can’t wait to start.

Blank canvas
just me

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