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My Plan For My Community

As my internship starts going on a roll, my projects start to slowly come together. For my small community, there are many ideas and projects available to make a change. One main project in my internship would be creating and starting a community the garden.

Area for the community garden
Area for the community garden

There is mostly planning going on at the moment, but I’m getting closer to getting the project started. My plan is to build the garden in an empty lot on the south side of the school. The raised beds are going to be made out of wood planks and produce greens that can be harvested during August. With the greens that are produced, they will be used at the school for meals. It’s a wonderful way to show what you can do with the products produced from gardens.

My next big project is doing a Yard Assistance Program with the Youth Advisory Council. With this program, we will provide yard assistance to those who can’t do the work themselves which will promote city beautification also. Downtown beautification is also a project that will involve planting flowers and caring for them.


Another project that will not be done until July is designing the town website. This website has had trouble staying up to date and running, so I had written a letter to the City Council to ask for their permission to allow to me to design the website as there is no editor currently for it. My plan for the website is to provide information about the various aspects of Campo that not everybody may know. I plan to somehow turn the website into something that will give the community a reason to check it frequently. News, updates, extra information would need to be a definite asset to keeping the website going.

I’m really excited to get really started on all of these projects. I feel that I will learn a lot from them, will make a difference, and will have fun all at the same time!