My OC Internship Round Two: Same Organization, Different Focus


Round Two!

For several reasons, my second internship with the Amarillo Area Foundation has been a nearly seamless continuation of my first internship. To begin, there was a lapse of only three weeks between internships. Additionally, the first third of my second internship allowed me to bring the Community Asset Map project to a more complete state. (See my blog on Community Asset Mapping for more information regarding that project!) Finally, these conditions eliminated time that would have otherwise been dedicated to introductory items. This time around, I was able to dive right into comfortable waters—sort of.

After finishing my work on the Community Asset Map, I was moved to a different area of operations within the organization and placed under the direction of Charlotte Rhodes.

Meet Charlotte

Charlotte Rhodes Receiving donation for the ACE Scholarship Fund

Charlotte Rhodes Receiving donation for the ACE Scholarship Fund

Charlotte Rhodes is the Vice President of Regional Services for the Amarillo Area Foundation. She also boasts an incredible track-record of achievement in non-profit fundraising

In addition to her incredible record of achievement in non-profit fundraising (see a great synopsis of her career here:—nonprofit-service-center—consulting-team. Charlotte illustrates a wide scope of vision and a corresponding attention to detail necessary for orchestrating large projects. Charlotte’s possession of such binary qualities (scope and detail) gives her a unique edge. Indeed, just watching her work was a learning experience unto itself!

Though Charlotte provides a great deal of the imagination and detailed planning needed for her projects, she definitely needs assistance in orchestration and organization. Enter Mrs. Karen Phillips—Charlotte’s right hand woman.

Meet Karen


Karen Phillips

Karen is an organizational wiz as well as a database extraordinaire. In addition to keeping all of Charlottes loose ends organized and neatly tied together, she also assists the Amarillo Area Foundation with sundry accounting item that I won’t pretend to understand. (I don’t do anything numbers if I can help it!) Karen also has extensive experience writing grants, a skill I am particularly interested in and—as a perk to the internship—will take advantage of any information she can give me.

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