My introduction to being an intern for a second time

Hello! My name is Kayla Liller.

Currently I am attending Bible College in pursuits to delve into the call of the ministry. I love art and painting, specifically portraits and western scenes. I also love ballet and jazz, neither of which I have obtained any skill at, but enjoy listening to and watching such amazing skill. In my spare time you can catch me hanging out with friends or hiking. I have a goal to hike every fourteener in Colorado… so far I’ve hiked only two, 51 more to go! I was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia and was raised in America. I live on a small farm with my family and have continued to help run it for almost 12 years.

Being on a farm has definitely taught me the importance of alternative food systems and has imparted to me a much higher appreciation for the products sold at places like a Farmers Market. I know firsthand how much work goes into producing a healthy and high quality product. Healthy living is very important to me and this passion is what brought me to be an intern for a second time. This summer, as I help the Farmers Market, I have been given a more specific direction and that is to create a manual for running a Farmers Market. This project is very important. Once the manual is completed it will hopefully be mass printed and given to different communities. It will supply them with a source to set up alternative food systems like a Farmers Market for their community. I am thrilled to be part of this project and have great hopes of seeing it help many people.

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