My Internship!

Hey you guys!
I don’t know about y’all but I have been having a blast being involved in many great hands on learning experiences so far!  I have been assisting with summer school and the summer lunch program.  I am helping a teacher with summer school and we have five kids in all.  The positives of a small group in attendance is that each student receives  one on one time and the tailored individual instruction  that each really needs.  Since I will be student teaching  math in the fall, I have had the chance to help those that need help in that area.  The summer lunch program is just for Title I schools and is funded by the government.  The meals are free for any child that is one to eighteen years old.  My job is to mark down how many kids attend each day. I  sit with the kids and talk to them about anything and everything.  I also teach them an educational food activity once a week. I recently helped with H2O camp. It was a fun-filled day with many great activities! There were kids from 9-18 years old that are involved in 4-H.  There was hiking and photography in the morning and water activities in the afternoon.
Next week, I will be in Bailey , Colorado .  I will  help and assist the Education Director with the National Farmers Union All-States Camp.  I assisted last year and had a blast!  I’m very excited to have the opportunity to get to go back.  I was the only one from Texas last year, the campers were all Northerners.  They all thought I had a funny accent.
Back in my community, I will be doing various jobs.  I will be helping with the summer lunch program in Tulia for two weeks.  I will also assist in the judge’s office where I will answer phone calls and do a variety of tasks.  I will also be in the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension office in the afternoon for a few weeks where I will help organize different activities for 4-H kids and the county.  Swisher County has a picnic celebration every year in July; I will be helping with that as well.  One of the other interns from my town, Landry, and I will be orchestrating a Kress Celebration day.  He and I will be in charge of organizing and planning the event.  I am very nervous and eager at the same time.
I cannot wait to complete more of my internship.  I have had wonderful learning experiences so far and am looking forward to many more memories.

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