My Experiences

There have been great new and exciting experiences with this internship so far! I went to Texas for the second time in my life to go to the Talon Point Retreat Center. It was a great learning experience and I got to meet new people. This past week was a pretty great week learning new experiences. I have been learning so much more about myself and this internship. I had a meeting with the Crowley County Commissioner to explain what Ogallala Commons is all about and how the internship works. Then June 29th Simone came down to meet with all of the interns from South East Colorado at Hampton Inn. Simone briefly recovered the retreat. Simone also took us to Hanagan Farms to teach us more about the key assets needed in a community. Mike Hanagan did an excellent job explaining the entire key assets need just in the farming community. He explained how the farm needs rain/water, bees and good soil for a good farm. I also learned how to roof a house very quickly as part of my community service hours. I’ve been getting community service hours here and there like helping tear down equipment after an event and driving disabled people to get groceries. For my job shadowing I will be shadowing an Audiologist and as for my community project I will be helping expand the recreation park in our town. Since it’s fairly new in our small town many people don’t exactly know that it exists, so it would be my job to make flyers and invite people personally to event that will be going on there. The lady in charge of the park also plans out events at the lake so I would help her get people out there and plan other things that people in the community would be interested in. This internship has been great and I know there is more greatness to come!FullSizeRender IMG_2174 IMG_2198 IMG_2200IMG_1612 (1)

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