My Experience

I have learned a lot by going through my apprenticeship at Primite Social. I have improved on my coding skills. I worked a lot with HTML CSS and Javascript. I learned a couple of new things like Vue and php as well. My main projects were developing websites. I finished three websites, and possibly a fourth, by the time my apprenticeship has ended. One of these websites was enormous, but I finished it in a timely manner. Besides coding skills, I got an enormous amount of experience with working with a team. The solid communication skills that Primitive Social has has enabled me to learn a great deal about what it takes to be an effective team member. Everyone there was always willing to set some time aside to assist me. This has taught me that ensuring that if everyone knows what they are doing on the team then more will get done. I also learned more about handling people at different skill levels. Everyone on the development team has taught me a load of information. Not once did any of them make me feel inferior to them. They were happy to help and making sure I understood the problem. I developed more skills than I thought I would by going through this apprenticeship.

My goals for my social network was to get to know what everyone does at Primitive Social and who they are. I learned about what everyone does at Primitive Social. I did not get to talk to everyone, but I got to talk to most of them. So even though I did not get to talk with everyone and get to know them, I did get to talk to a majority of everyone at the company. This was a great experience because I got to see what it is like to be in a healthy and happy work environment. Everyone gets along with everyone and the communication between everyone is solid. I never once saw anyone disliking anyone there. This is beneficial because there are a lot of negative work spaces out there, and now I know what a positive one looks like. My communication goal was to be prompt on answering back all emails and messages that I received when it came to work. I would say I accomplished this goal very well. I can not think of a time that I did not respond to a message in less than two hours. I felt that with having this goal and following through on it that I did not slow down any projects that I was needed on.
Pictured above is me working, and the bigger project I worked on.

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