My Community Service

This year I completed my 10 hours of community service at my local movie theater along with my partner Raelynn. It was a very interesting experience as I have never volunteered there before! All of the covid regulations and restrictions have been really hard on our movie theater and I was able to help on the week after they opened again for the first time since last March. As a new volunteer, my job was to take the popcorn orders and fulfill them! I volunteered for about 5 days from 6 to about 9 pm. I chose to volunteer at the theater for a couple of different reasons. First, because I haven’t ever volunteered at the theater before and I was looking for something new to try. Second, because I wanted to support my community in a direct way. The most challenging thing about volunteering was learning how the system worked and picking up everything quickly, however, this only lasted for about the first day. When I first learned how to make the popcorn, I made it in the wrong order and I burnt the whole batch! However, after that “fiasco” I learned how to correctly and in the right order make the popcorn, it was all okay! I also helped pick up after the movie by sweeping up the theater floor and bagging up the trash. I really enjoyed seeing people in the community come to the movies, support the theater, and I enjoyed being able to talk to and interact with people I knew and even people I didn’t. Volunteering at the theater benefited me not only because I was able to connect with my community but also because I learned how to serve people and interact with people within a professional setting. I’m very happy that I volunteered at the theater and I’d definitely recommend it to others! 

“Poppin’ ” off!
First day selfie!
This is the community theater where I volunteered

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