My Community

By: Esperanza Chavez

This summer, I volunteered for four different places totaling up to ten hours. The projects differed and gave me a unique view of my community. I had never thought of how much time and effort is put into keeping our community. First, I helped out with the Ogallala Commons intern retreat by simply packing up and taking food, cups, and books to where it was hosted. I also helped set up and then stayed after to clean up. It was a great way to meet people and thank them for the great opportunity this internship is. Second, I helped at my local church’s nursery, where I cared for toddlers while their parents were in the church service. I have two younger sisters, and I remember them being tiny, noisy, and full of energy. I truly enjoyed remembering my sisters as toddlers, but I cannot say that I miss it. The third place was the most surprising to me. I volunteered at my local food bank. I did not even know that my small town had a food bank until then. So many people that were mostly older came and were so grateful for a community that helps them. Last I helped out with Marnell Spraying by going around the community and pulling weeds in the parking lot and grass. I have a great friend that I helped out that day, and we spent 3 hours that morning pulling weeds from many small businesses. Going to all these places made me realize how much goes into a community. I grew up unaware of what was happening every day. I would live daily without concern for what I was not living through personally. These ten hours may not seem like a long time, but they defiantly changed my perspective on my small town and community.

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