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My Commmunity

I come fom the small town of Tulia, Texas. In our town we don’t have the same advantages and we don’t have as much available to us like big towns, and cities do. For example, we have to drive out of town to get groceries, or even to get clothes.  There is one grocery store, “Lowes,” a Dollar General, a Family Dollar, and we share these stores with the two other smaller towns surrounding tulia. Many people in Tulia have gardens, and farms to grow thier own groceries. We have one or two local community gardens as well.

In Tulia we have many get togethers with our local community. I beleive that everytime we do something as a community it’s building us stonger as one, and allowing us to all enjoy the time spent together. We have a Jaimica, Picnic, Parade, Rodeo, and many more get togethers. People set up booths with food, games, and clothes and there’s live music. It’s pretty amazing because almost all of the town, and even some people from out of town, come and celebrate, listen to music, and hang out with each other.

Tulia has just enough buildings for education considering our small population. There is one High School, one Jr. High, two elementary schools ( one kindergarden-2nd grade, and one 3rd- 5th grade ), and one headstart and one daycare. Each of these schools offer a great source of education for our youth in the community. Some of our teachers have taught since our parents were in school as well, and I find that pretty neat. My town may not be the biggest, but i love it. It’s a great place to raise children. Everyone knows everyone, and a safe place to have a family and kids.