My Bio

My name is Stephen Forbes.

I was born in San Antonio, Texas. I moved to Kansas when I was a toddler and lived in the KC area until moving to Manhattan, KS for college. I’ve moved back and forth from Manhattan and Lincoln Kansas for the last couple years. Because I started living in Lincoln, a good friend of mine from school told me about the Rural and Remote program and put me in contact with his boss, who had connection with the program. Through them, I took the coding academy from Bottega and learned a lot of hands-on knowledge about Web Development. This helped me get an internship through Rural and Remote in Ellsworth, as well as helping me with my senior project at K State where I helped build a CS resource website for grade school teachers in Kansas.

As far as the industry goes, my main interests lie in Web Development. I also have an interests and some experience in android app development, apps using visual studio, and web/app security. When it comes to outside hobbies, one of my greatest passions is rugby.

Me being lifted to compete for a lineout (throwing in from out of bounds)

I’ve played for 3 years now for the K-State/Fort Riley team and want to continue playing as long as I can. Ultimately, I hope to use the flexibility that
comes with remote work to teach what I’ve learned about rugby and grow the sport in America as a coach. Whether that’s in smaller communities like Lincoln KS or larger cities like Manhattan or Salina, I love the freedom to have a full-time work schedule while still travelling across Kansas and all over the Midwest.

Captain makes a tackle while me and other forwards prepare a line of defense
Me and team celebrate win (2nd from the left, peeking around Keller who has a notoriously big head)

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