My Bio

Hi, my name is Alesha Bergner. I grew up in Pratt, Kansas, on our family farm outside of town. For twelve years I raised animals to exhibit at the county fair through 4-H. This was the foundation for my passions: nature, service, and leadership. At Pratt High School, I was involved in organizations like Student Council, National Honor Society, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership, and the Kansas Association of Conservation Districts. I now attend Kansas State University, majoring in Agricultural Technology Management— specializing in Water Management; my minor is in Nonprofit Leadership Studies. I’m continuing to chase my passions for leadership, service, and environmental sustainability through serving as the K- State Food Recovery Network’s Volunteer Coordinator and as an ambassador for the Staley School of Leadership Studies. I have a particular interest in climate-friendly land management practices, especially agricultural, and hope to work internationally in Africa to help establish sustainable agriculture intensification systems that will both conserve the land and help people. In my spare time, you can usually find me playing trombone in the KSU Marching Band or socializing with friends in a local coffee shop! An internship is the first step in my journey to serving the world by giving me hands-on experience in the field, allowing me to apply my knowledge and learn beneficial information along the way! I’m excited to spend the summer in Garden City working with Dr. Aguilar, the Water Resources and Irrigation specialist at the K-State Research and Extension Center.

Here’s me by the river that runs behind that farmhouse where I grew up.
We took this picture the first day we met! Dr. Jonathan Aguilar is in the middle, my intern supervisor, and another Ogallala Commons intern, Joe Mendoza, will be working in Garden City this summer, too.

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