Mapping commonwealth in Tulia



There are many great things in Tulia that you could consider to be commonwealth but the two main things that stick out to me are the Quanah Parker arrows and Dip street.


 Dip street is an amazing example of sense of place! A while back people would go out at night and cruz dip street for fun. You can ask almost any adult in Tulia about it and they could tell you so many memories they have from then. Even now people have lots and lots of great times there. As soon as you pull up to that maroon road you automatically feel at home.


 The Quanah Parker arrows are examples of history here in Tulia. These arrows were put in a couple years ago to show the trail Quanah Parker took through Tulia. At first nobody knew what they were, but people started asking questions and slowly the story behind them got around. The arrows were a very simple and creative way to teach multiple people a little bit of history.
 When I first started thinking about all the possible places or things that could be considered commonwealth I realized that even in a small town like Tulia there are a lot of things that could fit into that category. When you look at all the things Tulia actually has to help people out you realize how much people in the town actually care for the wellbeing of everybody. When you take time to look around you see how many opportunities there are to learn, come closer with others, and so much more!

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