Life on the Farm

So you’re at a farmers market browsing through all the really cool vendors when you stumble on a humble little shack on wheels. Tir Bluen the sign reads, its dry erase board sign on a side lists all kinds of natural fed meets. Being new to urban gardening the thought of chickens and pigs of your own has crossed the mind many a time. But where and how do I start has kept those thoughts a dream. Fast forward a year later and here I am standing boots deep in in pig poop pouring sorghum feed to a pack of kune kune pigs. Most the animals know I’m new to this but as long as I have their feed they don’t seem to mind much. There are all kinds of animals here to learn about. My favorites are the goslings and muscovy ducks. The goslings because they seem to be more approachable and look like a small pack of velociraptors. And the Muscovy for their ability to climb. Every day on the farm brings new lessons and adventures. It’s long hours that can turn hot real quick in the summer sun. I know now that my intern time here will only scratch the surface of starting to understand animals for our farm. With words running short I will end with my the goals for the internship. In communication I have chosen a stretch goal of trying to have more patience in speaking with ignorant people. With leadership in the community comes another stretch goal; to teach others the importance of chemical free vegtable gardening. Last but not least, my goal for expanding our professional network would be to actively engage our farmers market this summer and establish a family owned company. My internship has given me much more than a mentor; it’s hope, when you can’t help but wonder if it’s all worth the work.

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