Last but not least

This internship has been a great experience for me, from the orientation to the last days of my service work, I was able to learn a lot. I hope everyone also enjoyed their time with Ogallala Commons. I’d also like to thank all of the Ogallala Commons staff for the help and reminders through this experience. I would have been lost without them.
Now my internship itself was a fairly simple one. The city in which I worked had fallen behind on their Map data base and needed someone to come in and help them catch up. Well that person was me. Remind you when I started getting involved Ogallala Commons I was in a cast and couldn’t stand for long periods of time. So finding a job that would take me wasn’t easy I’m sure. Yet, updating some files and scanning some maps is a job that makes it where I don’t have to be on my feet all day. My supervisor was awesome as well. My supervisor’s name was Tim Crosswhite and he worked for the city in public works. He was from Lubbock, but moved to Plainview because of work. He loved all kinds of music which was a blessing because I listen to a lot of different kinds of music and he was cool with me listing to it while I worked. He also made sure to involve me into some other project at the water treatment plant and the water reclamation. Even though my supervisor was a big help in my work for this internship there were others as well. Judy the secretary there was a great help as well. She was very helpful on where I could find certain thing for the work I was doing like files or maps that needed to be scanned. Judy was also awesome in the fact that she would sometimes bring snacks for everyone. She even was helpful when I had to work through lunch to pick me up some taco-bell. Now I may be saying that these people where awesome for helping me, but not only that I’m thankful that they helped me even with all the work they had to do. Tim and Judy where very busy with their own work and they did it with diligence. That also includes Shelby, Darryl, and all the other OC Staff. I have really enjoyed this years internship and I’m glad for all the help.


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