Last Blog: the Internship Summary

This is going to be a hard blog to write. I have been asked to sum up my experience being an intern for the Ogallala Commons in a measly four hundred words, a seemingly insurmountable task for all the experiences I have had over this summer. I have learned so many new lessons and met such great people over my experience with this program. I have learned when to spearhead a project as well as when to be patient and let others take control. I have learned the heartbreak of a lost situation while at the same time learning the unmatched power of human tenacity. I have learned the frustration of a project losing steam and dying and also the satisfaction of a job well done, not to mention the lesson that there are many jobs that will never be finished. I have learned much in my time with the Ogallala Commons, but I know I have many more lessons to attain.

Of all my projects this summer the most interesting and satisfying was the Occupational Therapy job shadowing at the Swisher Memorial Hospital. This job made me appreciate all the things this somewhat unknown medical professional does, and how they help people to help themselves every day. Another job that I learned much from was the City of Kress Mural project. This project taught me patience at the hands of a small town government in no rush to finish, while I have a time limit to work on this project. Working with officials from the city and contractors and artists has taught me the importance of business relationships and the importance of searching for the best price. One of the more satisfying jobs I had this summer was helping out with the meals on wheels program in Tulia. Being able to brighten someone’s day with a hot meal and a quick conversation where previously they had none will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Calley Runnels

My supervisors for this summer have been beyond helpful and I am lucky to know them. John Villalba is a kind and helpful man who was always ready to answer my questions when I had them. I have known Calley Runnels for many years, going back to when I was a small child in the local 4H club, and she has always been a great asset who is ever helpful in all my endeavors.

John Villalba

The moment in my internship where I felt all the accomplishments of the summer was at the harvest ceremony. My family, fellow interns, and supervisors were all there, everyone who has supported me through this program were all there showing their support to me as I recounted my projects of the summer. I could feel how proud they were of me, and I was also able to express how thankful I was for them.

Presenting at the Harvest Ceremony

This internship has done so much for me, and I hope that I can continue a relationship with the people in this wonderful program. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done, Ogallala Commons, for me and for the Mid-Plains Area.

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