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Joe Mendoza’s Bio

I come from rural Kansas, where many would say there is little to do and explore, so the internet was my first view into the sciences I love today. In my earlier ages of education, I had astigmatism and optometrists were prescribing poorly, my vision worsened, and my performance was hurt. My parents worked to find a specialist in astigmatism and requested more advanced classes. My grades increased, I confidently invested in physical activity.

I had left high school retaining a love of chemistry and a drive to apply my knowledge, leading me to chemical engineering. Joining college, I found group fitness motivating to my habits of exercise for mental and physical health. I wanted to provide the same for others and became a fitness instructor.

One of my first days teaching in my hometown.

In the long term, I hope to advance with my knowledge through a food production career as a chemical engineer, and eventually be able to aid in policy making to help children in their studies. To ensure their success, I would push for more options in exercise activities to build a desire for physical health to aid their mental health and development, and a less robotic education system to expand upon their strengths and provide options of practical careers.

I will be working with summer meals programs as their numbers fall in the latter half of summer. With this internship, I hope to build upon the skills which may not develop from chemical engineering, such as engaging with children, and communicating to organize community involvement.