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Introductory Blog for Year 2

Hey everybody, I am back for round two. My name is Isiah Rosales, I am from a small town in the middle of nowhere, known as, Muleshoe, located in West Texas. I come from a very close family where not only my mother, but her siblings and parents inspired me and have influenced me in ways they will never know.  I am going to be a junior at West Texas A&M University and am majoring in Biology Pre-Medicine. I have many hobbies, I have always been fond of art and other small crafty things; but, my larger passions lie in the realm of food and exercise. The two may not sound like they go together but nutrition and physical fitness go hand and hand and I am always researching new workout routines, healthy recipes, and other aspects that are involved in this area.  I love trying new things and I love the feeling, the rush I get when I spend an hour or so in the gym. When I was younger I wanted to be doctor, but it was not until I sustained multiple injuries in sports that I found my true interest and passion, orthopedic surgery. This thought came about after years of painful injuries and wondering why this was happening to me or how I could do something about it or prevent it from happening to another. The older I have grown, the more my fascination with fitness has developed, and the more education and experience I have obtained, the more orthopedics intrigues me. A simple yet complex system of thoughts and ideas has been what drives me to reach my goal of becoming an orthopedic surgeon; to understand, to help, and to possibly prevent future injuries to bones, tendons, ligaments, and the body in general. I felt like an internship in the medical world could be my stepping stone into reaching my dreams. My first internship really shined a light and highlighted the aspects of medicine I am drawn to, and hopefully this second internship will be a major aide in the creation of networks with those already in the field and also being able to showcase and hone in on my talents even more!