Introduction/working towards food sovereignty


My name is Allison Bolte. I was born and raised Northern KY. I am interning with Amos Hinton, and the Agricultural department for the Ponca Tribe of OK. I arrived in Ponca City early in the morning of Thursday May 28th.  Though given the option to rest for the day, and acclimate, I wanted to start right away.  My first days have been spent assisting the other workers weed the farms’ 12 acre garden. There they produce such crops as tomatoes, onions, and beets to name a few. Corn will soon be planted too. I’m looking forward to seeing this garden’s progress in the coming weeks. Already I have learned much and can’t wait to learn more.

Though I was in essence raised in the city, I’ve always had a desire to work in agriculture. I’ve also wanted to be of service in any capacity to the Native American communities. One of the main issues on reservations is lack of access to fresh quality foods. As a result diseases such as obesity and diabetes are high. Diabetes alone is 3-5% higher than the national average, especially among juveniles and the elderly. Amos is striving to provide fresh healthy foods to those in need and at risk. I’m looking forward to learning from Amos and know through him I’ll gain vital skills I can take with me on this journey.

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