Introduction: Kelsey

My name is Kelsey Cruz. As my first year cooperating with Ogallala Commons I plan to achieve and learn a lot through out the way. I am attending Western Texas College in Snyder, Tx now as a sophomore. My plan is to major in general studies at WTC and later transfer to Texas Tech University starting in January of 2016. While attending Texas Tech, I plan to pursue my education in nursing. With working through Ogallala Commons, I believe I will receive much needed information as well as gain more of a working experience socially. I also believe participating in this internship through Ogallala Commons will benefit my future tremendously, whether it be through education or job experience. In my internship, I will be working with the Baylor University: Texas Health Initiative, and in this program I will be working throughout many communities to determine which families are in need of food, and also which systems; libraries, churches, hospitals, etc.; are willing to help get and give to those specific individual families. When doing this I will gain experience in both communication skills as well as presentation skills. When presenting to different areas in the communities, the entire presentation will cover how the program works, how it benefits families and  their community, what the donations include, what considerations need to be made, and the amazing works it could do throughout each community. The more donations received, the more given to that specific community to help more families in that community.


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