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Introduction for Kajsa Mason

Hi everyone, my name is Kajsa Mason. I am a married mother of 4 children, 2 of which are currently attending Amarillo College and my 2 youngest are a freshman and sophomore at Tascosa High School. I am currently self employed doing landscaping jobs for a few clients in our area and I have been attending Amarillo College for the new Horticulture course that the college has just provided that includes a state of art greenhouse. I have a passion for native, medicinal and educational work regarding composting and riparian vegetation. While attending college, I have a relatively new interest in soil management and plant disease identification that will help in every aspect of my work. I look forward in completing my studies in a academic standpoint but I also do research on my own time studying permaculture techniques on my own property.

Plants have a background that have been chemically documented through science or stories that have been passed down through generations or have been documented through folklore. What I would like to do is bring these stories to my community and the younger generations so that they can see the beauty, conservation and the absolute beauty that is the natural world around them.