Introduction Blog

Hi, my name is Jade Artzer, and I am going to be a Senior (12th) at Goodland High School.  I grew up in a small community which has offered opportunities to excel and achieve many goals.  Engaging people and achieving interaction to produce a crowd full of smiles is my passion.  My hobbies include cheerleading, and being a full-time owner of my business Made by Jade.  I plan to excel in Public Relations.  The internship would help me achieve my goal by giving me the opportunity to be trained by someone who is already experienced in the field.  I mentioned above I have my own business.  Made by Jade is a packaged quick bread business.  One unique fact about Made by Jade is I have been in business since I was eleven and a half years old.   My business has allowed me to compete in the YEC (Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge) since junior high (7th).  This internship is focusing on YEC research, which I find very cool because I am getting the chance to figure out the inspiration for the YEC.  I am very excited to begin this journey, working with new people, making new friends, and gaining a new experience.

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